What is Support Lab?

What is Support Lab?

At Northwest Liberty School we often talk with students about different struggles within their academics. A common theme we found was the challenge students’ face of finding time and a quiet place to study without distractions. We find it important to help students from every angle of learning, which is why we started “Support Lab” at NWLS.

What is Support Lab?

It is a quiet space with designated time for students to come work on anything school related. Students do not have to specifically be a NWLS student in order to sign up. All who attend Support Lab have access to: computers, WIFI, and an onsite Support Lab Specialist who is able to help when questions arise.

What type of student benefits from Support Lab?

The special aspect of Support Lab is that every student can benefit from time set aside specifically for schoolwork. Support Lab benefits students who are struggling because they receive immediate assistance to questions. It also benefits students who need less support by providing a quiet space to work without distractions.

What does the Support Lab Specialist do?

The Support Lab Specialist, Kerry, is available to students the entire time they are at the lab. NWLS regards having someone dedicated to assisting students helps to ensure students are set up for success even if they are struggling through courses. Some examples of ways that she helps students during lab include:

  • Helping to explain concepts or work through problems that are tricky
  • Providing encouragement to students to seek the answer to questions on their own before reaching out for help
  • Assisting in studying practices such as teaching students effective note taking skills, how to make notecards, and checking in with students with practice questions before they take a quiz or exam

How does pricing work?

Support Lab takes place Monday through Thursday at NWLS. The pricing is $75 a week for 8 hours of Support Lab.

When signing up for Support Lab, students will pick if they want to attend the first or second session of Support Lab. Consistent timing helps teach students to improve time management skills and build their schedule around setting aside time to study.

  • First Session: 1pm to 3pm
  • Second Session: 3pm to 5pm

If you think Support Lab is right for your student call 425.420.1236 to enroll, we look forward to meeting your student!