Who Attends NWLS? Our Provided Solutions.

Who Attends NWLS? Our Provided Solutions.

Northwest Liberty School serves different needs of students who:

1)  need to make up credits.Education Doodle Elements
2)  need help with a subject or multiple subjects.
3)  are advanced or accelerated and need an additional course.
4)  need a place to study, work, and get help.
5)  have studied abroad or are planning to and need to orchestrate coursework.
6)  missed too many days of school.
7)  need to improve their GPA.
8)  have a very busy or unusual schedule.
9)  need to attend a different school temporarily or permanently due to circumstances.

1) Students who need to make up credits: Example: Jesse had a difficult year in 10th grade and did not pass two of her classes. Her 11th grade year was better but still failed another course. Now she is a 12th grader and she needs to make up 1.5 credits before June in order to graduate on time.

Solution: If a student is willing to work, we can help them get back on track to graduate on time. NWLS offers many courses in a “Credit Recovery” option. Students receive 0.50 credit and a “P” after finishing the eight-week coursework that demonstrates their proficiency and understanding. There is no effect on a student’s GPA. Credit is issued when the coursework is satisfied.

2) Students who need help with a subject or multiple subjects: Example: Jenna is a bright student but struggles in Algebra II and Biology. She is feeling like she is not smart enough to do math. Worse yet, her grades are dropping and she seems to be drawing inward and impacting her life.

Solution: By reducing the stress of one or two core classes, students become more productive. NWLS offers all core subjects and can be a place for students to learn and build their skills and confidence in various subjects, especially math and English.

3) Students who are advanced or accelerated and need additional coursework: Example: Todd is a junior taking three AP courses at his school, a CTE course at another high school, and a course at the local community college. He does not have time to take the second year of French at his traditional high school.

Solution: Flexibility and customizing education is our specialty. NWLS offers many courses in various formats including online, independent study, small class, and One-to-One. As a year-round school with open enrollment, students are able to start a course at any time.

Example 2: Ziad is a strong eighth grade math student and wants to accelerate to take Honors Geometry next year. To qualify for Honors, he needs a full year of Algebra 1.

Solution: Motivated students are able to accelerate at NWLS. Many students take a full-year’s course over the summer so they can advance to the next level.

4) Students needing a place to study, complete schoolwork, and get help: Example: Juan is disorganized and struggling in his English and history classes due to late and missing assignments. Home has distractions, so a place to work on his homework, be able to ask questions, and get assistance would be helpful.

Solution: Building routine, support, and accountability can create success. NWLS offers a supported study lab to accommodate students with an array of subjects. Staff, tutors, and teachers are available throughout the day and are happy to assist and guide students. The lab is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

5) Students who have, or are planning to, studied abroad and need to orchestrate coursework at home: Example: Meiko studied in Tokyo for a semester but her local school cannot accept her credits. She studied many core subjects that were almost equivalent to courses offered at NWLS. She has syllabi, curricula, tests, and homework from her courses as well as a letter from the international school that she attended.

Solution: Learning can happen anywhere. NWLS offers students with unique experiences to gain credit for applicable coursework. We are able to apply her work to NWLS courses and supplement deficiencies with additional work.

6) Students who are ill or miss extended periods of school: Example: Kim missed several weeks of her sophomore year because she was in a very difficult place personally that required in-patient treatment. She will not earn credit for this semester and is not really stable enough physically nor emotionally to return to school yet. 

Solution: Students who need medical or in-patient treatment may possibly earn credit for schooling or classes they had while away from their school. In addition, NWLS welcomes students who are in need of extra attention to get back on track academically while they are doing the same personally.

7) Students who need to improve their GPA: Example: Dalton has the potential to play collegiate basketball but does not have the GPA to get in college. He has decided to retake his lowest grade courses to increase his GPA and “replace” the previous grades.

Solution: “When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.” NWLS is agile and able to respond quickly to needs. We offers both “Credit Recovery” and “Grade Replacement” options for any student who has taken a course previously and didn’t pass or would like an opportunity to improve their grade and GPA. NWLS also offers open enrollment, so students can begin at any time of the year.

8) Students who have a very busy or unusual schedule: Example: Viktor is a gymnast practicing 30-40 hours per week and is about to compete in international competition. He does not have time to attend his high school and needs courses that can accommodate his rigorous and demanding schedule while he continues to work on completing graduation requirements.

Solution: Tell us the need, and we will find solutions. NWLS offers highly tailored programs to what a student needs in their schedule, especially for athletes, actors, musicians, and those with extenuating circumstances.

9) A student needs to attend a different school temporarily or permanently: Example: Simon is medically fragile and misses weeks of school at a time.  He gets homework from teachers but does not have enough course material or understanding to complete the work.  It is questionable if he will earn credit in his courses and is in jeopardy of not graduating on time.

Solution: Students need hope and help to strategically plan a way to learn and receive credit amidst difficult times.  Matching a student’s abilities, the content of course, and our different options for courses allow us to find solutions that work in difficult times.

Example 2: Samantha was expelled from school and went to rehab.  She cannot earn any credit for the semester.

Solution: We can work with students and rehab centers to continue some academics while receiving necessary treatment. Some core subjects and elective courses can be finished, which helps students to maintain their progress and reduce discouragement from falling further behind academically.