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  • His determination and your foundation helped him find his way (thank you!)… He’s efficient in getting his work done at home (thank you Bob! his work habit is a reflection of your influence on him!). -E.C.
  • You have been responsible for many of the graduates NSD claims in their high graduation rate. I am truthful about my respect for your concern for kids. -NSD School Board Member
  • NWLS – did all the admin work to piece together what graduation requirements I needed to fill in a 30 year gap.I was 46 when I received my HS diploma from NWLS. I am currently attending Cascadia Community College working on my Business Degree.NWLS worked with me as an individual student and that made me interested in learning again. – J. W.
  • My son takes his core classes with Northwest Liberty and his electives at the public school. We love the flexibility and the ease of taking classes on a schedule that works best for my son. The teachers and staff are warm, friendly and flexible! We highly recommend NWLS. – K. K.
  • Our son attended NW Liberty and we can’t recommend it more. Bob and the instructors were patient, helpful and completely understand learning disabilities. Don’t hesitate to sign up and get the help you need! – J.N.
  • Two of my three children have taken online classes through Northwest Liberty School while attending public high school. I highly recommend it as an accredited school with highly qualified teachers. The thing my girls enjoyed the most was the flexibility! They were able to take high school graduation requirements on their own schedule. It is well worth the money! – J. D.
  • I’ve worked with NWLS on a couple projects and I’ve got high praise. Very good and honest people. Nice to work with and friendly. – M. V.
  • I am fully aware that NWLS has been the mitigating factor in “L” experiencing the most successful year to date that he has had since entering secondary school! Thank you for that. I know it has not been easy. – E.B., Parent
  • First of all I wanted to start of by saying that I think that Northwest Liberty School is such a great idea. It’s such a pain to get all of our credits in school AND have career-orientated electives, so NWLS is actually a life saver! – X.W., Student
  • Like I said before, I wish I would have know about your school earlier. But “J” is very close (to graduating) so that’s what counts right now. Thanks Bob to you and your staff for all your help and support. You guys have been amazing. – I.G., Parent
  • I just thought you might want to know that ALL of the kids at Skyview JH who took your Algebra or Geometry course last summer and took the Winter EOC received a Level 4 score! 100% for NWLS! It doesn’t get much better than that!  – F.D., J.H. Counselor
  • Thank you for making the Northwest Liberty School available for (my son) so he could take advantage of additional classes at Woodinville High School. – P.A., Parent
  • Our son benefited greatly from his time with you at NWLS. I overheard him telling his friend “It was kinda cool, I met lots of kids and the environment was chill.” -D.S., Parent
  • Thank you so much for your time and patience in meeting with our son and me yesterday. Your input was so valuable and helpful in sorting out options along with explaining the different class styles. – R.L., Parent