Gathered Information

No personal information is collected from our website. Our server only tracks statistical usage of the site (number of visitors, geo-location) and webpage hits.

There is a Contact Us link on our site, but no information is obtained; an email address is provided to contact our staff via our secure email.

Our website is informational only. We do provide links for students to easily access login screens to our online service providers.

Links to the Privacy Statements and Policies of our Online Providers

Access to Information on Service Provider Sites

Limited student information is accessible by provider system administrators and Northwest Liberty School staff only.

Security Measures to Protect Personal Information

To safeguard personal information, NWLS keeps no personal or identifying information in pubic, and Apex Learning and Canvas accounts have secure and minimal log-in information for students.

There are third-party sites that we use to survey student-user experience, and we never ask for personal information.