How do I complete a teacher scored assignment?

Math & Science & World Language Apex Courses

Print and complete (hand write) the assignment. Be sure to show your work.

Make sure your writing is legible.  If you use pencil, make sure it is dark enough to easily read.  If your teacher can’t read it, they can’t give you the score you deserve.

All Other Apex Courses

 Open the Apex assignment and “Select All” from your menubar.

Copy and paste the entire assignment into a MS Word document or other word processing program (text edit, Google Doc*, etc).

Now you can type your answers in the document.  All of these assignment must be typed. Handwritten work is not accepted.

*If using Google Docs, make sure you save your document as a PDF to your computer prior to submitting it.  You can not submit an assignment  via a google doc link.

How To: Copy & Paste

All Canvas Courses

All assignments need to be typed.  Handwritten work in not accepted in Canvas courses.  Follow the directions included with each assignment.

How do I turn in an assignment?

Watch a video on how to submit assignments within Apex.

Math, Science & World Languages

After your assignment is complete follow these directions to scan it into a .pdf document.

Scan: Scan your work. Save all pages (in the assignment) to the same document.  Check your scanner user manual for scanning multiple pages at once. Two great scan apps for your smartphone are available to scan your homework and send the file to yourself:  Scannable (iPhone) or CamScanner (android) app.

Tips for getting a good scan when using an app:

  • Before you start scanning – line up all of the pages in order on a flat surface.
  • Hold your phone parallel to your paper.
  • Scan the pages.
  • Send it to yourself.
  • Open it – make sure you can read it.  If you can’t read it – your teacher can’t read it.

Next, attach the document to an email via your Apex Message Board. How To: Submit an Assignment

We will no longer accept faxed or hand delivered assignments without prior approval.

Social Studies, Online English, Health, Life Fitness, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, and all other electives

Once a teacher-scored assignment is complete, use the Apex communication tools to send it to your teacher.

Click on the + button to begin the process.

Check the attach assignment box to open a drop-down with a list of the courses assignments.

Pick the assignment you want to attach from the drop down menu.

There is a how to video in APEX help in the Communication Tools if you can’t remember how the process works.

How To: Submit an Assignment

All Canvas Courses

Turn your assignments into your Canvas course by clicking the green “Submit Assignment” next to the corresponding assignment.

Please allow 1 week after the submission of an assignment to get your grade.

How do I participate in an Apex discussion?

Clicking on the green reply arrow in the discussion assignment takes you directly to the discussion page.  Make sure to read how the discussion is scored. Many of them require more than one post to receive full credit.

If you are alone in the class make sure to ask your teacher for clarification. How To: Discussions

How do I ask my teacher a question?

Apex: From your dashboard, click the + next to messages to start a new message.  From the drop-down boxes select your teacher and the course you have a question about.

If your question is in reference to a specific assignment make sure to include the assignment number. How To: Ask Questions

Canvas: You can use the email function within Canvas to ask your teacher a question.  You may also email your teacher directly.

How do I do a spoken assignment?

All World Language courses require completion of spoken assignments.  Spoken assignments can be easily recorded and sent to your teacher.  Apex recommends using Audacity for this purpose. How To: Record Audio

Watch video on How to Record Audio.

Students can also use other recording apps on your smartphone.

Make sure to clearly label your email to your teacher with the corresponding assignment number.