Online How To

Are you struggling with the basics of how your course works.  We’ve got simple How To’s.


Are you experiencing problems with your online course?  We can help get you through and back on track.

Academic Support

Sometimes students get stuck on a concept, need a quiet place to do homework, require regular assistance with a specific subject, or just need some encouragement.

NWLS Academic Integrity Unit

This Academic Integrity Unit (AIU) is required for all students taking a class at NWLS.


Are you adhering to our Academic Integrity & Acceptable Use Policy and abiding by proper Netiquette?

AP Science Course Materials

A few of our APEX courses require additional materials, all required and optional additional materials can be found here.  Students are responsible for getting all additional and optional materials.  NWLS does not provide any additional materials.

Post-Course Survey

Once you have completed your course(s), we would love to get your feedback on the whole experience. The survey will only take a few minutes.