Two New Life Fitness Courses!

Two New Life Fitness Courses!

New Life Fitness courses are now available.  You will enjoy more choice through Module Learning!

As we begin expanding course offerings with Module Learning, Life Fitness seemed the perfect first course to offer. Students can choose either Life Fitness: Nutrition or Life Fitness: Exercise.  The choices don’t end at registration.  Once enrolled, both courses have required modules as well as your choice of two additional modules.  You can read the descriptions below to help with your first decision.

Life Fitness: Nutrition

Requirements: 8 modules and 25-hours of activities.

Have you ever heard the phrase “your body is your temple” and wondered what it means? Keeping our physical body healthy and happy is just one of the many challenges we face, and yet, many of us don’t know how to best achieve it. Positive decisions around diet and food preparation are key to this process, and you will find the essential skills needed to pursue a healthy, informed lifestyle in Nutrition and Wellness. Making sure you know how to locate, buy, and prepare fresh delicious food will make you, and your body, feel amazing. Impressing your friends and family as you nourish them with your knowledge? That feels even better.

Life Fitness: Exercise

Requirements: 5 modules and 40-hours of activities.

What does being fit really mean? Is it just based on physical appearance or is it something deeper? Though we strive to be healthy and make sensible choices, it’s difficult to know how to achieve this. It’s not only about losing weight or lifting a heavy barbell; in Personal Fitness you will learn about body functions, safety, diet, goals, and strategies for longevity. Human beings, in both body and mind, are complex and highly sensitive organisms that need the right attention to physically excel and feel great. Being fit is about living life to the fullest and making the most of what you have—yourself! Explore the world of healthy living and see how real fitness can be achieved through intention, effort, and just the right amount of knowledge.