How to Make the Most of Your Tutoring Session

How to Make the Most of Your Tutoring Session

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Written by Kate Brehm, Math/Science/Test Prep Specialist

If you are new to one-on-one tutoring, you may not know what to bring or how to be prepared for your first session. Here are some easy tips to make sure you get the most out of your limited time and leave feeling more informed and confident.

Bring all class materials.

It is worth repeating- bring all materials, even those you don’t think you need– textbooks, calculators, class handouts, class presentations, and notes.

Don’t have notes? Write down what has been focused on in class. Make a list of all the topics you understand well and all the topics in which you need help.

Come with specific questions.

Now that you have a list of topics you need help with and all your other materials, list three important questions that will help you understand the material. These could be exam questions you got wrong or difficult homework. Additionally, you could ask your tutor to work through some problems from the book to make sure you have the right answer and understand the subject.

Come with a goal in mind.

A single tutoring session most likely will not bring your D to a B. Have a goal in mind that you can accomplish in less than two-hours. Want to go over a recent quiz? That would be an excellent goal for the tutoring session.

Remember, resiliency and grit impact your performance.

Give your tutor as much relevant information as possible.

Do you have testing anxiety? Do you have trouble understanding your teacher? Do you commonly forget to turn in your homework? Are you disorganized?

These things are good to inform your tutor so that they can understand your unique situation and struggles. Tutors want to help you to be successful. The more they know about the individual, the better.