The state of Washington, like many other states, is in the midst of major educational changes. One of these transitions is reflected in graduation requirements for the state. The link below is an excellent tool for students, teachers, administrators, and parents to use. Graduation and state testing requirements are listed here by anticipated graduation year, which is determined by the year a student begins the 9th grade. After reading the notes below, please follow the link below to find the appropriate set of graduation requirements.

A few notes:

  • Individual school districts and schools set their own graduation requirements; the state only sets a minimum requirement! Be sure to check with the institution you attend for additional graduation requirements.
  • State testing is NOT a graduation requirement at Northwest Liberty School. If a student has not passed a state test and is interested in obtaining a high school diploma from NWLS, please contact the office for additional requirements in place of state testing.
  • Northwest Liberty School’s class of 2015 requires a minimum of 21 credits to graduate. An additional 0.5 credit of Social Studies and an additional 0.5 of elective credit are necessary beyond the state’s minimum requirements.