What is the difference between full time and part time enrollment?

Students taking four or more classes at NWLS are considered full-time students. Learn more

What is the difference between Credit Recovery (CR) and replacing a bad grade?

If a student fails a class, he or she is eligible for a credit recovery class, which is graded on a pass/fail and does not affect the student’s GPA.  If you want to replace your grade you will need to enroll in the same class you want the grade replaced. For example, if you received a D in Honors Algebra II you need to enroll in HR Algebra II.

Is your school accredited?

Northwest Liberty School is proud to be approved and accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), AdvancED, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment means you can start your course anytime regardless of the time of year.

Do credits I earn at NWLS transfer to my high school?

Our courses are fully accredited, which means the credits will transfer to any school in the nation.

What is my end date?

You can see your student’s completion date on the report you get every week from NWLS. You also received a copy of the enrollment form when your student started the class. The course completion date can be found there as well.

How do I read the weekly reports I get?

As a parent of a student enrolled in a class at NWLS you will receive two weekly reports.  One of them will come from NWLS and the other will come directly from APEX.

Below are links to help you understand what each report is telling you.
NWLS weekly report
APEX weekly report

I won't finish on time - what are my options?

No worries.  We have extensions available.  They are $100 for 2 weeks.  We need the completed extension form (Extension Form) and payment prior to putting your student back in the class. You can get the extension immediately after the original end date or wait until your student has more time.

If your student signed up for the class with excellent intentions only to be bogged down with other school work and didn’t get much done you can always re-enroll in the same class.  With this option your student doesn’t loose any of their completed work.  They would have an additional 16 weeks (or 8 weeks for CR or health) to complete the work.  Please note courses do need to be completed within 1 year of the original enrollment date.

When is the transcript ready?

Transcripts are available to be picked up on site two weeks after your student receives a final grade in their course. Call us before you come in (425.420.1236) to make sure its ready.