Tutorials: New Offerings.  Personalized learning, makes content accessible, and motivates students to learn, achieve, and succeed!

  • English, Math, Science, and Social Studies: Grades 6 – 12.  Personalized learning makes content accessible and motivates students to learn, achieve, and succeed!

Tutorials are non-credit bearing courses offering individualized lesson plans based on student needs. Pretests generate individualized learning plans to keep students focused on what they need to learn. Students choose a path through a module that best suits their learning style.  In a national study of Tutorials used during the 2014–2015 school year, student mean pretest to posttest scores improved 20 percentile points.

Students who need to review or want to preview a subject will find Tutorials helpful. A teacher is also available. Tutorials are available in 4 week sessions. Sign up for 1 or as many as you need.

All tutorials cost $99 per 4 weeks.

Students interested in Test Prep Tutorials please click here to learn more about SAT and ACT Prep.

Tutorial curricula and their descriptions are provided by award-winning Apex Learning. For more information, call today.