What do you think? Read and Respond

Read or watch ONE of the articles, write a 150-300 word response paragraph, and submit to your Academic Integrity class at TurnItIn.com.

  1. Include your name, NWLS student ID number (found in the welcome letter), and course title/level (CR, H, Reg) on your work
  2. Create an MLA works cited entry for the article. (See my Works Cited, slides 20-21.)
  3. Include at least one quotation from the article using MLA style documentation
    MLA In-Text Citations
  4. Submit your response paper through the Academic Integrity class at

Quiz Time

AFTER you have read and understood all the material presented in this Power Point
and you have read and responded to an article, please take the following quiz
on SurveyMonkey.com. You may use only this presentation or any notes taken to
complete the questions. Your responses and score will be kept on file.

NWLS Academic Integrity Quiz