To successfully complete the Academic Integrity Unit please read all eight (8) pages, follow the links, take the quiz, and submit your original paragraph to

How To Avoid Plagiarism

  • Manage your time wisely; follow guidelines set by assignment completion dates. Create a space and time to consistently do your school work.
  • Understand the material presented. Ask your teacher questions before you do the assignment. Your goal is personal mastery (learning) of material.
  • Learn to use the OWL website and properly cite your sources.
  • Only use outside sources when requested or needed for clarity. Think for yourself.
  • Paraphrase/Summarize – but still give credit.

In order to deter students from plagiarizing or cheating, NWLS has partnered with This website compares the student’s work to a body of text previously submitted and available on the Internet, flagging similarities and providing a report to the teacher. Students will often be asked to submit their work through this website, which is used by many school districts, colleges, and universities nationwide. Teachers can/will provide valuable feedback and scores here as well.
In this age of digital learning, increasing teacher-student interaction is critical.

Students will receive username, password, and class information from the NWLS office as an invitation to TurnItIn. If a student has challenges navigating this website, please contact the NWLS office at (425) 420-1236.