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Announcement: We are excited to announce that Northwest Liberty School will have a  new website by the end of October!  As NWLS expands our educational resources, becoming a leader in options for students, schools, and districts, our website needs to follow.  Our endeavor is to make information easier to find and more informative.

Northwest Liberty School is a fully accredited, progressive, and independent private secondary school that supports students in public and private education. High school and junior high students flourish as we blend educational components into a cohesive academic approach.  It is our expertise.

In our first six years, we are proud of the nearly 2,800 students that we have served. From Seattle to the Eastside, Snohomish to Pierce Counties, across the state and nation, students need options that large and small, comprehensive schools find difficult to fulfill. NWLS supports all junior and senior high schools by finding academic solutions through educational choices.

Our goal is to educate- guiding students and families through options that best fit their student. An education plan is designed that strengthens a student’s skills, guides current academics, and fosters a connection to learning. The blended learning plan may include online, small group, and one-to-one coursework. Our continual support and communication fosters learning and course completion. Earned credits are transferable to all public and private schools, and a NWLS diploma is recognized by colleges and universities.

NWLS’s whole intent is to help students and parents with excellent service and staff. A student’s education is paramount, and if a good healthy conversation is needed about school, give us a call.

Bob Hagin Founder and Principal Northwest Liberty School Supporting Public Education with Choice


New from NWLS

One Test Away From Graduating or Missing Credit? NWLS has an answer. Completing High School & Earn your Diploma Start A Course Anytime. Open enrollment is now available for online and independent study courses. Enrollment information. Online Accredited Provider. NWLS is now an Accredited Online Provider through Washington State’s OSPI.  Our effective options and services for individual students can now be used by schools and Districts.

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