Northwest Liberty School & 

Education Resource Center

Woodinville, WA

Northwest Liberty School is a resource for students, schools, and districts. As a  fully-accredited, progressive, and independent private secondary school, we supports public and private schools and their students. High school and junior high students flourish as we blend educational components into a cohesive academic approach.  It is our expertise.

In our first seven-years, we are proud of the 3,400 students that we have served. From Seattle to the Eastside, Snohomish to Spokane counties, across the state to other continents, students need options that large and small, comprehensive schools find difficult to fulfill. NWLS supports all junior and senior high schools by finding academic solutions through educational choices.

Balancing Academics with 50+ High Interest Online Courses

I took many woodshop, drafting, and engine repair classes in high school. Maybe too many. After all, they were more interesting than college prep courses. Later, after graduating, I paid a price for it as I scrambled to improve my academic skills in college. Nonetheless, my early interests still serve me as I work on […]

Why Our Schools Lag (circa, 1939)

Periodically, I read historic publications about education, and sometimes, the past seems far too familiar. __________________________________________________________________ SCHOOLS FOR TOMORROW’S CITIZENS (Public Affairs Pamphlets, circa, 1939) After two years of extensive study of youth in and out of school, of teachers and their problems, of the communities and their needs, and the State Education Department, the Inquiry […]