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Northwest Liberty School & 

Education Resource Center

Woodinville, WA

Northwest Liberty School is a unique resource for students, schools, and districts. As a fully-accredited, progressive, and independent private secondary school, we support all schools, their students, and our own students by providing surprising options and solutions to meet most any need. High school and junior high students flourish as we blend educational components into a cohesive academic approach.  It is our expertise.

In our first eight years, we are proud of the 3,700 students that we have served. From Seattle to the Eastside, Snohomish to Spokane counties, across the state to other continents, students need options that large and small, comprehensive schools find difficult to fulfill. NWLS supports all junior and senior high schools by finding academic solutions through educational choices.

Northwest Liberty School’s core values include:

  • Belief that all students can learn and be successful.
  • Build a sense of hope in every student.
  • Aim to address the whole student.
  • Bring flexibility to learning.
  • Provide opportunities outside of the traditional educational model.
  • Belief that all staff members and students are learners.

The Plunge.

Last night’s dream is causing my heart to race and mind to stir. Let me set the scene. The people: a small group of educators that included a superintendent, curriculum administrators, and a couple of others including me. The setting: an office at the top of a very tall building on a lake. The topic […]

New In-Office Hours

Starting November 3rd, 2017 we are changing things up at Northwest Liberty School! We are excited to announce new in-office hours which are now limited to Mondays through Thursdays. This change comes with student success in mind, therefore our staff will still be accessible through phone and by email on Fridays. The only exception is […]